Multitasking Color Sticks

Multiuse Color Sticks are What?!

Duet Beauty's Multitasking Color Sticks are a unique beauty product designed for a low maintenance makeup routine. Our color sticks take the place of your lipstick, lip balm, highlight, contour, blush, bronzer, eye-shadow and face glow. We make a wide range of color options so you can choose the best colors and mix and match for your look. 


Creamy rich color payout

Each Color Stick is jam packed with intense color payout in a creamy, bendable, buildable shade. Start with a light dab and work you way out to maximize you color payout. 


The 1,2,3, five-minute Duet Look 

Each Multitasking color stick can be used interchangeably anywhere on your face. Choose three sticks to complete this five minute look. 

1- Take your contour color and using the stick to face draw on the bend of your cheeks, sides of your nose, on the sides of your jaw line and  around your forehead. Blend with fingertips. 

2 - Take your highlight color and smooth on the tops of your cheek bones, on the bridge of your nose. You can also apply to the inner corners of your eyes. Blend with finger tips. 

3 - Take your lip and cheek color and apply lightly to the apples of your cheeks, apply more intensely to your lips. 


All natural biz 

Paraben, fragrance, and preservative free. Made with only natural and organic ingredients, safe for sensitive skin. Each item is handmade in small batches in Illinois. 


How do I use the stick? 

Open cap and GENTLY push up from the bottom like a push pop. If too much comes out use your finger tip and push the product back down.


What's with the different color collections? 

Duet Beauty's Everyday Collection is our base line of Multitasking Color Sticks, with colors that are available throughout the year. We also launch seasonal collections with LIMITED EDITION colors that are only available in quantities that were made and once we sell out, those colors will not be made again. 


And you make what else? 

Try one of our natural lip glosses, non-sticky formula, or one of our lip scrubs. We launch new products as they become available, stay tuned for more!