Everything You Wanted To Know About The 10 Step K Beauty Routine

It's no secret that K-Beauty has hit the industry like a storm and the results are flawless. From eradicating fine lines and wrinkles to reversing sun damage like a champ, the 10 (sometimes up to 12) beauty routine is not for the faint of heart. Packed with nourishing good for your skin hydration and the infamous double cleanse, the K Beauty 10 Step routine might be your skin's saving grace. 

Although it may no be for everyone, it does work. Giving your skin the ultimate pampered spa treatment daily can do wonders for any sort of skin issues you might be seeing. If you're struggling with time (raises hand) try incorporating one or two new things into your beauty routine and start there. Even a little change goes a long way. 

The 10 Steps:

Oil Cleanse - This is the first step of the cleanse, a deep oil cleanse that gently removes surface dirt and makeup and preps your skin for the next several steps. 

Foam Cleanse - This is a deep foam cleanse that rids the dirt lodged down in your pores. 

Exfoliate - Use a good brand of exfoliate and using upward strokes gently exfoliate your face. 

Tone - This is not your mothers astringent! The new toners hydrate and restore the PH balance to your skin. Don't skip this step! 

Essence - This step helps with problem areas so grab one specific to meet your needs. 

Eye Cream - Gently dab under your eye, do not drag your finger. 

Serum - The first step to moisture. 

Face Mask - Use a good sheet mask!

Moisturize - Pick a moisturizer that's for your skin type. If you have dry skin, get a good hydrating moisturizer, but if you're oily, go for oil free. 

Sunscreen - Only during the day! Never skip this step!



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