9 Easy Ways To Stop Using Plastic

8 million tons of plastic waste gets thrown into our oceans ever year. And by 2050, scientist say there will be more trash in the ocean then fish. That's a huge cause for alarm and it's time to make some changes. 

The convenience of throw-away or one time use products and containers has added to the trash problem significantly. But there are ways you can help!

Start reducing your plastic use by following these 9 easy ways to living better. 


1. Ditch the dryer sheets that have a one time use, and use wool dryer balls. They are all natural and you can add a few drops of essential oils to give your laundry a fresh scent. 

2. Use old T Shirts and towels as rags for cleaning up instead of paper towels. (it's cheaper too!)

3. When you're dining at home, invest in a bunch of cloth napkins. They make way less laundry then you think and a cloth napkins can go a long way in cleaning up spills and food messes. (think kids!)

4. When taking food to go for kid and work lunches, invest in bento boxes, and if you need to individually wrap, use foil. Aluminum is a more sough after recycling material then plastic and will get recycled. 

5. Go with reusable forks and spoons for on the go lunches instead of plastic ones. 

6. No straws! Ever! If you absolutely need them, buy reusable ones. 

7. This one is easy, bring your own bottled water in a reusable container. No more plastic water bottles. 

8. Got a Keurig? Instead of making coffee with disposable pods, purchase ground loose coffee and resealable pods you can fill up yourself.

9. Get rid of your dish sponges. (They're full of germs anyway) Use natural sponge material or go with a washable sponge. 


At Duet Beauty we strive to make our all natural products as recyclable as possible. You'll find almost all of our products are in recyclable paperboard or glass material. Will will continue to commit to providing you with quality products with zero waste in mind. 

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