18 Self Care Tips For Starting Out The New Year

Start out the new year with taking some steps to take care of yourself. Yes! That means putting yourself on the list and actually checking it off. Need some self care inspo for the new year? Check out our list of 18 tiny tips to help you start your stress free new years off right. 

1. Start a gratitude list - Start small by writing three things each day you're thankful for. Once you've got it going, you'll see how many things in your life you can be thankful for. 

2. Take a bath - Use bath oils, bombs, salts, music, wine, whatever you need to relax in the tub. Make it a monthly ritual to help decompress. 

3. Simplify your closet space - Go minimalist and donate everything you haven't worn in a year, and anything that doesn't fit. 

4. Edit your social media - Start deleting people! Yes, that means you don't have to be Facebook friends with everyone, if aunt Sally post a lot of toxic and negative comments, it's time for her to go. 

5. Stretch - Every morning before you start your daily routine, stretch our your limbs and breath deeply. 

6. Help someone else - A small act of kindness like carrying someones grocery bags in or helping a stranger find an item at a store can mean a great deal to someone in need. 

7. Ask for help - We often times want to do it all, but it doesn't mean we can't ask for help when we need it. 

8. Say no - No you can't make fresh pancakes for the soccer team at 5am, and show up for church choir practice and organize the neighborhood yard sale. Some things got to go. 

9. Treat yourself - To something special. Set up monthly goals and give yourself a little happiness. It can be something as luxurious as a cashmere sweater or as simple as your favorite ice cream treat. 

10. Set book goals - Spend time every night winding down and reading your favorite self help or novel. 

11. Wake up earlier - Give yourself time in the morning to write down goals, work out, or have a cup of coffee before darting straight into the day. 

12. Unplug for an hour - Or more. The idea is to give yourself a break from email, electronics, social media, and tv.  

13. Scratch off something from your 'to-do' list - This can be around the house or some errand you've been putting off. Time to get it done!

14. Drink more water - Keep a bottle to sip with you at all times and stay hydrated!

15. Get a plant - Even if your living space is small, watching something cultivate and grow is a stress reviler. Plus it helps the oxygen in the room. 

16. Buy a Rose Quartz Crystal - This pretty pink crystal looks dazzling on a nightstand or dresser. Rose Quartz promotes self love and healing. 

17. Volunteer - In your community. Get involved, even in a small way. 

18.  Meditate - Everyday if you can, even just for a few minutes. Short on time? Try a weekly or even a monthly schedule. 



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